We are a people who have been created into a new community by the grace of Jesus Christ!


The basis of community begins where the Bible begins, with God. God himself exists in community: one God, three persons, dwelling in perfect, loving harmony. He exists in an eternal relationship within the Godhead of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Created into a New Community

Through Christ’s work, a new family is created and it consists of people that are different ages and nationalities; that don’t like all the same things or look exactly the same. But what they do share in common is the reality that they have been transformed by the power and grace of God in Jesus Christ. The church is a fellowship created by Christ and centered on Christ. We as humans cannot image God’s relational nature in isolation. We were created for community! “We were not created to simply appreciate community. We are incomplete without it.” (Brad House)

Community Groups

Community Groups are where people live life together and provide us with regular, organized platforms to care for each other through sharing meals, praying, studying the Bible, and living on mission together in our city.


We are a Gospel Community on Mission

The Gospel doesn’t merely call us into a relationship with Christ and one another; it also sends us out into the world on mission.